Welcome to the Richmond Library

Just a few reminders...

  • Kindergarten is allowed to check out one book at a time.
  • 1st –8th may check out 2 books at a time.
  •  Students are unable to check out more books until at least one of the original books is returned.
  •  Books on tape are available to check out while in the library.
  •  If books become damaged, let me know. We then will be able to repair them prior to putting them back into circulation.
  •  Students are encouraged to return books early (prior to their Library date), thus allowing them to check another book out sooner.
  •  Overdue notices will be sent home on the last day of each month. Charges will be applied only if the books are not returned.

If there are any questions, feel free to stop in the Library, or you can reach me at 530.257.2338.

Happy reading!

Mrs. Mallory

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