We believe that Computer Lab is more than just typing.  It's integrating technology with education and using today's resources to expand education to a higher level.
This year we are continuing our courses in iSafe and teaching students how to be respectful on the web, how to deal with Cyber Bullying and how to use the web safely. This course also teaches how to research the web effectively and safely while working on class projects and compiling information for research papers.  We will also be working on yearbook and learn how to use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Paint3D.  
Along with the design side of computers we are adding stronger elements of typing by using www.typingclub.com to show proper typing techniques, proper key uses and understanding the keyboard symbols. Proper keyboarding is important.  Due to poor habits of single finger typing, wrong hand placement, and hen pecking, we are integrating the method of old school typing instruction to provide some correction to these improper typing issues to give a solid typing foundation for our students. We encourage students to practice typing at home as well.
As this year progresses we look forward to creating projects that will both educate and inspire our students to dream and plan for their future. 
Also, please check out the free Internet Links at left that we've included for your student(s) to access when at home. These are the same links we use at school and a great way to learn over breaks or brush up while at home.  I know this has been a very different year for our students, so my main objective is have fun while completing class projects and  learning respectful computer etiquette.