Richmond is the very best!
We display that spirit whether winning or losing.
  • Please cheer for your team or student, not against the opponent.
  • Please remain in the spectator and/or audience area during the activity.
  • Please don’t advise the coach/advisor on what to do.
  • Please don’t prompt your student during the activity.
  • Please don’t make unkind comments about, or to, coaches, players, or officials.
“Don’t worry that children never listen to you. Worry that they are always watching you.” -- Robert Fulghum (1937 - )
It is recognized that concerns may arise between parents and coaches. If you have a concern, or object to a decision made by a coach or an advisor, please wait until the following day to address your concern. This allows the coach to devote his/her time and attention to the team before and after the activity.
As the coach or advisor serves as an employee of the Richmond School District, concerns and complaints that cannot be resolved will be directed to the Superintendent/Principal. Student, coaches, and parents all represent Richmond School.