1. All students involved in team sports, including Drill Team, must provide documentation of a current physical. Physicals must be dated after July 1 of the school year. Click here to view Physicals form.
  2. Students must maintain a grade point of 2.0 and receive no failing grades. Initial eligibility will be determined by the grades of the trimester preceding the season. (Education Code Section 35160.5) Grades will also be monitored during the season. A team member may lose practice and play time based on missing assignments and poor classroom performance.
  3. Probationary status may be available for the student athlete who falls below the 2.0 grade point. A request for probationary status must be made to the principal by the parent.
  4. A student’s eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities may be suspended as a result of poor citizenship and/or disciplinary actions.
  5.  Students and parents will sign a participation contract.


Depending on the number of students involved and the distance traveled, transportation will be by parent drivers. For those events held during any part of the school day, a parent permission slip will be required. If tournaments for any sport are during a school day, students will only be allowed to leave class 15 minutes over and above the travel time it takes to arrive at the school hosting the tournament.


When uniforms are required, students will be asked to check them out and will be responsible for replacing them if lost or damaged.