Students should be dressed and groomed in good taste.  Clothing should be neat, clean, and appropriate.  Any clothing that interferes with classroom learning or safety is NOT appropriate.
  1. Blouses and shirts will cover front, back, and midriff.  Underwear will not be visible. NO spaghetti straps, razor straps, or tank tops will be worn.
  2. Short shorts are prohibited.  Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be mid thigh in length.
  3. Pants must be hemmed and worn at the waist.  Pants must stay up without a belt and not touch the ground.  Sagging pants and/or jeans with large rips/holes above the knee are NOT allowed.
  4. Shoes will be laced and tied.  Flip flops or high heels are not allowed.  Sandals MUST have a heel strap.  Students must be able to participate in recess and P.E.
  5. Clothing with off-color reference/profanity will not be worn (including alcohol and cigarette ads).  No fish net or spandex will be worn.
  6. Hats will be worn as intended, bill forward, and will not be worn inside any building or classroom.
When inappropriate clothing is worn, students will be asked to call home or use clothing, if available, from the office to avoid losing class time.