Rules for Word Processing

  • All text must be: black, 12 pt., Times New Roman.
  • No bold, underlined or italic font unless related to Works Cited.
  • Paper must be set to one inch margins.
  • Indent paragraphs using the Tab key on the keyboard.
  • Space once between each word.
  • Space twice after ending punctuation.
  • Center titles using the center button on the toolbar, not with the Tab key or Space Bar.
  • Text must be double-spaced with no extra space between paragraphs.
  • Numbers up to twenty must be spelled out; numbers 21 and larger may be represented with numerals.
  • Work correctly cited in MLA format.
  • All papers must have correct headings in the upper right hand corner:
    1. First and Last Name and Number (John Smith #11)
    2. Date (August 29, 2014)
    3. Subject (Social Studies)
    4. My Name (Mrs. Loflin)